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The journey of parting with your car should be as memorable as the rides you’ve enjoyed with it. AWA Car Wreckers Perth, we streamline this journey, making it efficient and rewarding. From the initial evaluation to handing over the keys. Every step is thoughtfully crafted. Ensuring you get the best value for your vehicle with minimal fuss.

In the vibrant city of Perth, where the automotive rhythm is always alive. AWA Wreckers stands out as a reliable beacon for those looking to sell their vehicles. Whether your car has been with you for a decade, a year, or just a month. its value is recognized and honored by us. ensuring it gets a deserving price and a responsible farewell.
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We Buy Vehicles in Any Condition

Selling a car often conjures images of lengthy negotiations, endless paperwork. And the fear of getting less than what your vehicle is truly worth. At AWA Wreckers, we’ve flipped the script, making the process as straightforward. And lucrative as possible for every car owner in Perth. Every car, irrespective of its current state, tells a tale of numerous drives, adventures, and memories. And while the exterior might have taken a beating or the engine might not purr as it used to, we recognize the value that still resides within.
Sell My Broken Car

Sell My Broken Car

Breakdowns and malfunctions might halt a car's journey, but not its potential. For every glitch, there's a part waiting to be repurposed, reused, or recycled, and we ensure that these hidden gems are not overlooked.
Sell My Damaged Car

Sell My Damaged Car

Cosmetic blemishes or significant structural damages might make your car less appealing to the regular buyer. but we dive deeper. We see the robust framework beneath the dents. The functional components behind the cracks, and offer you a price that does justice to your vehicle's residual value.
Sell My Junk Car

Sell My Junk Car

What many dismiss as 'junk' is, to us, a reservoir of potential. An old, stationary car isn't just metal. It's a collection of parts and materials that can either find new life in another vehicle or be sustainably recycled for other purposes.
Sell My Scrap Car

Sell My Scrap Car

When a car's journey appears to be at its end, we step in to ensure its legacy lives on. From recycling metals to refurbishing usable parts, every fragment of your scrap car is put to good use.
Sell My Unwanted Car

Sell My Unwanted Car

Whether it's a sudden desire for an upgrade or an inherited vehicle you don't need, every car deserves a dignified send-off. We ensure it’s valued, purchased, and repurposed responsibly.
Sell My Wrecked Car

Sell My Wrecked Car

Severe accidents might leave a car in ruins, but not without value. Wrecked vehicles often house parts that are untouched by the damage. and we ensure these parts are salvaged, valued, and used to their full potential.
Our approach at AWA Wreckers is holistic. We don’t just see a car; we see its history, its potential future, and its contribution to the environment. Selling to us means you’re ensuring your vehicle gets a new chapter. whether as a part in another vehicle or as a recycled material. all while getting the best value in return.
Fast, Friendly Car Selling Process

Why Choose AWA Wreckers for Cash For Cars in Perth?

With AWA Wreckers, selling your car becomes an experience of ease, trust, and genuine value.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Upon agreement, we usually process instant payments, ensuring you get your cash without delay.
No. We offer onsite evaluations and pickups, making the process convenient for you.
Absolutely not. The price we offer is what you receive. There are no hidden charges or service fees.
Yes! We buy cars in any condition. Whether it’s been stationary for months or years, we see value in it.
Our expert team evaluates based on various factors like make, model, condition, and market demand. We ensure you get a fair and competitive offer.
FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


AWA Auto Wreckers
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Cliff TCliff T
17:55 14 Mar 24
Overpriced.Wanted to charge me $120 for a part that I could buy online new at $35. Then wanted to buy a used snorkel and they wanted $50 less than brand new.
Nathan GarciaNathan Garcia
08:09 09 Mar 24
Quoted me $150 for a sensor I can buy online for $50. Called them out on it and was told it was $100 for labour. I said I’d remove the part from the donor car myself, took less than 5 minutes and they still tried to charge me $150 for the sensor. Watched a forklift lift a car over customers while the customer was helping take a car part of
04:37 02 Mar 24
Good with pricing
01:38 02 Mar 24
Awesome guys here helped me to get a replacement stereo headset for my Lancer. Friendly and helpful. Highly recommended A+++
Noddy07 ANoddy07 A
07:59 01 Mar 24
Luis Carceller CobosLuis Carceller Cobos
10:45 22 Feb 24
I went to buy a few spare parts for my van and leave the place very happy. They look in very good condition and for a very good price. Happy days! 🙌🏽🥳🕺🏽All the guys were really nice and kind. Especially the owner who has a really good sense of humour. 😂💯% recommended!
Tenzin JatshoTenzin Jatsho
09:18 02 Feb 24
Very happy with the service and very kind people indeed. They change my tire even when they are about to close and the service is free too. Cheap and almost all the products are same as new.I would highly recommend if you have any issues with your car
Mustafa JarahMustafa Jarah
03:01 25 Jan 24
Customer service in the office are great to deal with. Price are comparable.I bought a set of Mitsubishi rims and the boys helped us out and even helped fit into the carThey have the best spare parts and at good prices
08:27 14 Sep 23
Asked if they had a roof rack. They said yeah. We made a time to collect. I rocked up and asked for the roof racks. They proceeded to look confused and spend 10 minutes hunting for a roof rack. They pulled one out that wasn't the one on the add. I then asked to speak to the bloke who i messaged. He didn't acknowledge anything I said and proceeded to sit at his desk with no indication he had heard me or had any intention of finding the roof rack.I left.
10:50 06 Sep 23
Very helpful and a decent price
Jason CooperJason Cooper
06:09 04 Sep 23
Rubbish.thet do not know how an LSD diff works.diff they sold me was only single spinner.LSD not working.did not give all moneyy back.
Tsogt AmarTsogt Amar
08:42 14 Aug 23
Horrible place to go there
shahryar qureshishahryar qureshi
04:16 10 Aug 23
Rude and arrogant with their customer service.
Gabe O'LoughlinGabe O'Loughlin
07:50 03 Aug 23
Called up about a part I was after. Over the phone, they said yes we have the part. Drove an hour to come and pick it up. Get there, open the door and it’s no there. Ask the bloke if he has any other ones, no. Asked why when I called he said he had one, shrugs his shoulders. Not impressed. Won’t be coming back
emileo brownemileo brown
07:32 28 Jul 23
Great condition parts for my landcruiser quick easy service
Ilyâs KarkacheIlyâs Karkache
11:07 31 Jan 23
Real pleasure dealing with Ali and his team.Few reasons to want to deal with them:-they are way cheaper than some other more known wreckers in Perth (got offered a part for 3 times cheaper than Tony's)-they are flexible and willing to work solutions out depending on your needs-they aren't the biggest wreck in the region but they have plenty of choice: I found parts there that I couldn't find in at least 10 other auto wreckersWill happily exclusively deal with them for my car parts needs