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Welcome to AWA Mercedes-Benz Wreckers, your top choice for Mercedes-Benz parts and salvage in Perth. Car Wreckers Perth take pride in offering a comprehensive inventory of high-quality used Mercedes-Benz parts to ensure your Mercedes-Benz vehicle maintains peak performance. Our skilled team ensures the efficient dismantling of Mercedes-Benz cars while adhering to environmentally friendly practices.

Our dedication to Mercedes-Benz car wrecking covers all Mercedes-Benz models, from the luxurious Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Mercedes-Benz E-Class to the sporty Mercedes-Benz C-Class and beyond. We handle each Mercedes-Benz vehicle with precision, ensuring that every salvageable part becomes available to our valued customers. We understand the value of Mercedes-Benz cars and aim to extend their life through our services.

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Benefits of Choosing AWA Wreckers for Mercedes-Benz Cars

Opting for AWA Wreckers for your Mercedes-Benz car needs means choosing expertise tailored to your specific vehicle. We offer competitive prices for your unwanted Mercedes-Benz cars, and provide swift and hassle-free car removal services, ensuring you receive cash for your Mercedes-Benz promptly. Our commitment to Mercedes-Benz cars extends to eco-friendly recycling practices, making us a responsible choice.
Our extensive network enables us to buy Mercedes-Benz cars of all ages and conditions. Whether you have a newer Mercedes-Benz or an older model that’s ready for a new owner, we’re interested. We simplify the selling process, offering you a straightforward and convenient solution that eliminates the hassles of private selling.
When you sell your Mercedes-Benz to us, you’re not only benefiting financially but also contributing to a greener planet. We prioritize responsible recycling, ensuring hazardous materials are disposed of safely, and reusable Mercedes-Benz parts are given a second life.

Sell Your Unwanted Mercedes-Benz Car for Up to $9999/-

Ready to part with your unwanted Mercedes-Benz car? Look no further! Mercedes-Benz Car Wreckers offers top-dollar cash for Mercedes-Benz cars, with payouts of up to $9999/-. Contact us, provide your Mercedes-Benz details, and receive a quick, no-obligation quote. It’s the easiest way to transform your unwanted Mercedes-Benz into instant cash.
  • Free Mercedes-Benz car removal.
  • Same-day cash payments.
  • No hidden fees or towing charges.
  • Hassle-free paperwork.
  • Friendly and reliable service.
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We Buy All Mercedes-Benz Car Models

No matter which Mercedes-Benz model you own, we’re interested in purchasing it. From the luxurious Mercedes-Benz GLS and Mercedes-Benz GLE to the compact Mercedes-Benz A-Class and all other models, we offer competitive offers for all Mercedes-Benz cars, regardless of their condition.
  • 180E
  • 190
  • 190B
  • 190C
  • 190D
  • 190E
  • 190SL
  • 200
  • 200D
  • 220
  • 220D
  • 220E
  • 220S
  • 220SE
  • 230
  • 230.4
  • 230.6
  • 230E
  • 230GE
  • 230S
  • 230SL
  • 230TE
  • 240D
  • 250
  • 250C
  • 250CE
  • 250S
  • 250SE
  • 250SL
  • 260E
  • 280
  • 280CE
  • 280E
  • 280SE 3.5
  • 280SEL
  • 280SEL 3.5
  • 280SL
  • 280SLC
  • 280TE
  • 300CE
  • 300CE-24
  • 300D
  • 300E
  • 300E 2.6
  • 300E 2.8
  • 3.00E-22
  • 300GD
  • 300SE
  • 300SEL
  • 300SEL 3.5
  • 300SEL 6.3
  • 300SEb
  • 300SL
  • 300TD
  • 300TE
  • 300TE 2.8
  • 320CE
  • 320E
  • 350SE
  • 350SEL
  • 350SL
  • 350SLC
  • 380SE
  • 380SEC
  • 380SEL
  • 380SL
  • 400SE
  • 400SEL
  • 420SE
  • 420SEL
  • 450SE
  • 450SEL
  • 450SEL 6.9
  • 450SL
  • 450SLC
  • 500SEC
  • 500SEL
  • 500SL
  • 560SEC
  • 560SEL
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frequently asked questions

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

We buy all Mercedes-Benz car models, including luxury cars, SUVs, and more. Whether your Mercedes-Benz is old or has issues, we’re interested.

We aim for a quick process. Once you agree to our offer, we can arrange same-day payment and car removal, ensuring you get cash promptly.

No, our Mercedes-Benz car removal service is entirely free. We don’t charge hidden fees or towing costs.

We’re eco-conscious. We safely salvage usable parts, recycle materials, and dispose of hazardous waste responsibly, all while following environmental regulations.

We’ll guide you through the paperwork. Bring your ID and vehicle documents, and we’ll handlethe rest.