How Car Wreckers In Perth Handle End-Of-Life Vehicles

How Car Wreckers In Perth Handle End-Of-Life Vehicles

In Australia, approximately 700,000 end-of-life vehicles with thousands of tonnes of valuable resources end up at landfills every year. As time passes, they start polluting the environment. Car wreckers Perth play a crucial role in managing these vehicles. They ensure that ELVs are disposed of responsibly while also contributing to the recycling process. They are promoting more sustainable ways to deal with vehicles that have no longer lifespan. 

However, in Perth, only certified and licensed car wreckers are allowed to purchase and wreck end-of-life vehicles. Certified companies like AWA Wreckers buy cars in all regions of Perth. This company offers both recycling and wrecking services. For recycling, they use advanced technologies and have professional teams to complete the entire wrecking process. This blog post describes how car wreckers in Perth handle ELVs.

What Do Car Wreckers Do With End-Of-Life Vehicles?

The best car wreckers Perth have massive salvage yards, and their team is equipped with the advanced technologies to handle ELVs. They buy ELVs because of the value of the metal scrap. The wreckers are responsible for the disposal of these vehicles’ waste at their own expense. Here is the guide on car wreckers deal with End-of-life vehicles: 

  • The Initial Assessment – The process begins when a car reaches the end of its life, whether due to age, damage, or an accident. Car owners contact wreckers, who then conduct an initial assessment, often based on the car’s make, model, year, and condition. This evaluation is crucial to determine whether the car should be bought for parts, scrap metal, or both.
  • Towing and Transportation – Once a deal is made, the car needs to be transported to the wrecker’s facility. In Perth, most car wreckers Perth offer towing services to facilitate this. They employ tow trucks and drivers who are skilled in safely transporting damaged or non-functional vehicles.
  • Dismantling and Part Salvage – At the wrecker’s yard, the car undergoes dismantling. Skilled technicians remove reusable parts like engines, transmissions, and electronic components. This process is meticulous, as the aim is to salvage as many usable parts as possible, which can be sold to repair shops or individuals.
  • Fluid and Hazardous Material Removal – An essential step in the process is the safe removal of fluids and hazardous materials. The best car removals Perth carefully drain oils, coolants, and fuel. It ensures these substances don’t harm the environment. Batteries and other hazardous components are also safely extracted and disposed of or recycled according to environmental guidelines.

Crushing and Recycling

The remaining car shell, primarily made of metal, is then crushed. This metal is recycled and often sent to steel mills, where it’s melted down and repurposed for new products. This recycling process significantly reduces the need for new raw materials, conserving energy and resources.

Environmental Responsibility

They are not just businesses; they are also key players in environmental conservation. By recycling as much of the car as possible, they reduce landfill waste. Their practices align with sustainable development goals. It makes them an essential part of the green economy.

Supporting the Local Economy

Apart from environmental benefits, car wreckers contribute to the local economy. They provide employment, support the used parts market, and contribute to the recycling industry. This role is critical in sustaining a circular economy where resources are reused and repurposed.


The role of car wreckers in managing end-of-life vehicles is fundamental. Their work involves not just dismantling and recycling but also a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and economic contribution. They ensure that when a car reaches the end of its journey, it does so in a way that benefits both the planet and the community. As awareness of environmental issues grows, the role of car wreckers will become increasingly important in Perth and beyond.